1.When logged in please select the “Dashboard” drop down by clicking on My Account:

Please select Dashboard:

Click Stands:

At a glance you will see all Stands listed in the Manual.

To create an additional Stand Type click onto Stand Types below:

Click onto Create a new Stand Type:

You will then be taken to this screen below where you can enter the details for example:

Code: Traditional Shell (the code must never change and must be named exactly the same if data is integrated)

Name: Traditional Shell

Height: we leave this blank

Vertical Margin: this is for the Stand Designer if you are using Freeman for Electrics. If the new Stand Type you have added is a Shell Scheme you must add 0.3, if not add 0

Stand can be designed: as per above so must be ticked if this new Stand Type is Shell Scheme and you are using Freeman for Electrics, otherwise leave unticked

When they reach the Stand Designer page they will have the ability to drag and drop their items within the grid which is supplied automatically during Checkout, they can also attach a hard copy of this if they have one. This gives our Electrical Department an idea for where items must be placed for each stand when Onsite.

Click Save and let us know which forms/chapters within the Manual this new Stand Type must/must not be ticked and we can do this for you