1.When logged in please select the “Dashboard” drop down by clicking on My Account:

Please select Dashboard:

2. Please click on Exhibitors, either on the left hand menu or in the overview page:

3. On the Exhibitors screen please search for your exhibiting company. When found, please click on "Users":

4. Please enter the email address of the additional person you would like to add onto this exhibitor.  Type in their email address and press 'Add'. 

5. When you click 'Add' the button will then change to 'Select' - please click on 'Select and the new user will appear under any previously added names.

6. If you click on 'Save' you will see the options "Edit, Create Temporary Password, Remove and Send activation email" appear.

7. Please click edit and add in your exhibitor's name and details. If you don't know it, please put a . and click save.

8. Please click on "Send activation email" to send an email to the Exhibitor inviting them to your Exhibitor Manual.