1.When logged in please select the “Dashboard” drop down by clicking on My Account:

Please select Dashboard:

Select Reports:

Here you can download various Reports.

You will need to click 'Build' on the right hand side before clicking on to the Report, once it is ready it will change from Pending to Ready:

Form Responses (Crosstab) - this shows all exhibitors against each of the forms they have/haven't completed

Inactive Users - this report will list all exhibitors in the manual who haven't logged in and you can re-send them their password activation email.

You can do this by ticking the check box on the left had side of each user and click onto the ‘Send Activation Email’ button.

If you click the ‘Hide contacted users’ button then this will display as list of users who haven’t been sent their password activation email.

Exhibitor Users Report - this is the user led report of those not logged in

Exhibitor Engagement Report – this is the (exhibitor) company led report of those not logged in

You can download the Reports in various formats, please see below:

**Please note: you may need to 'enable flash' on the browser you're using for the reports section if the icons are not displaying properly for you**