The Checkout process:

When you are happy that you have selected all the items you need, please click "Proceed to Checkout":

You will need to select Freeman's terms and conditions - please do have a read through, select I accept and then click "Complete":

We will need to collect some information about your Company, your Exhibitor Name and your Stand:

Please click "Continue" to move onto the next screen.

Complete Forms:

Please enter your Invoice Address.

Please click "Continue" to move onto the next screen.

Review Items:

On the Review Items page you can see what is in your basket and Edit Basket as necessary. 

If you are happy with the order please click "Continue":


Please select your preferred payment card type and the necessary billing address details to complete payment for the transaction. 

When your billing information is completed, please click "Continue":

You will be directed to enter your credit card details - if there are any issues with your payment, you will be notified.


Important, the Expiry Date is in a Month Month - YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR format - so August 2021 would be 08-2021 (rather than 08/21) 

If your card is declined, an error message will appear:

If your payment is successful you will receive this message.

You will also receive an order acknowledgement via email which is your receipt of the transaction.

When Freeman confirm your order, you will receive an email with a link to your invoice. 

Should you have any queries at all, please contact Freeman Exhibitor Services who will be able to help.